Chapter 7 Images:

Figure 7.1Figure 7.1. "Blue Stage of the Spasmodic Choler," showing blue coloration of face, neck, hands, and feet as well as the abnormally aged appearance of cholera victims (Lancet 1 [1831-32]: between 538 and 539).


Figure 7.2Figure 7.2. Anticontagionist theory according to sanitarians such as Southwood Smith.





Figure 7.3Figure 7.3. Three theories of cholera transmission, 1830-1850.




Figure 7.4Figure 7.4. Contingent contagionism theory according to James Johnson.






Figure 7.5Figure 7.5. William Farr (1807-1883).






Figure 7.6Figure 7.6. Farr's contingent contagionism theory.






Figure 7.7Figure 7.7. Farr's graph of cholera incidence related to elevation ([Farr], Cholera in England, 1848-1849, lxv).