AMJ            The Association Medical Journal, a precursor of the British Medical Journal.

BMJ            The British Medical Journal, the publication voice of the British Medical Association.

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CMoS         Chicago Manual of Style

GRO           General Register Office.

HMSO        Her Majesty’s Printing Office, London.

JSA&RC    The John Snow Archive & Research Companion <http://>. Peter Vinten-Johansen, content manager. Hosted by MATRIX: The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Michigan State University.

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MH           Middlesex Hospital

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OED         Oxford English Dictionary [The two-volume, compact edition from 1971, unless otherwise specified.]

PDF          Portable Document Format.

PMCC      John Snow. On the pathology and mode of communication of cholera. London Medical Gazette 44 (2 November 1849): 745-52; and (30 November 1849): 923-29.

S&V         Southward and Vauxhall Water Company.

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SoLo        South London, specifically the natural experiment involving a comparison of cholera mortality during the 1854 epidemic in the shared watershed of the Lambeth and Southwark & Vauxhall Water Companies, conducted by John Snow, John Joseph Whiting, and sub-district registrars from the GRO under the supervision of William Farr.

SoLo56    John Snow. Cholera and the water supply in the south districts of London in 1854. Journal of Public Health, and Sanitary Review 2 (October 1856): 239-57.

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