Appendix C―Snow’s Case Books

Extracts from John Snow’s Case Books

Thursday 17 August 1854
Administered Chloroform at St. George’s Hospital to a woman whilst Mr. Pollock removed a tumour of the breast.

Also to a man whilst Mr. Johnson performed amputation below the knee.

Administered Chloroform in Devonshire St., Portland Place, to a young man from the country whilst Mr. Acton destroyed a number of venereal warts on the prepuce and glans penis with a paste of potassa and lime. The patient is a small, lean man but addicted to boating and other athletic exercises. He struggled violently and was extremely rigid before he was quite insensible. No depression of sickness afterwards.

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Thursday 24 August
Administered Chloroform in St. George’s Hospital to a woman whilst Mr. Hewett removed a scirrhous tumour from the breast” (CB, 342).

Sept. 1
Mr. Bent’s Child, about 10 visits to the 15th” (CB, 553).

Saturday 2 September
Administered Chloroform at Mr. Duffin’s to a little girl, three years old, from the neighbourhood of Blackheath whilst Mr. D. performed amputation of the great toe together with its metatarsal bone” (CB, 342).

Monday 4 September
Administered Chloroform at Mr. Cartwright’s to a lady whilst he extracted two teeth.

Wednesday 6 September
Administered Chloroform to Mr. Jenner, Linendraper, Edgware Road, whilst Mr. Salmon operated by ligatures on some hæmorrhoids. The patient was extremely blanched fr. loss of blood from the part, and had a bounding hæmorrhagic pulse. No faintness or depression from the chloroform.

Administered Chloroform at 16 Hanover Square to a lady whilst Mr. A Rogers extracted 2 teeth.

Thursday 7 September
Administered Chloroform to a gentleman in King St., Covent Garden, patient of Mr. Edwards whilst Mr. Partridge operated for hæmorrhoids. No sickness, &c” (CB, 343).