GBoH Tables, St. James

Index and links to the Tables depicting the findings of Dr. D. Fraser, Thomas Hughes, and J. M. Ludlow, house inspectors tasked by the General Board of Health on 6 September 1854 to investigate the “Outbreak of Cholera in the sub-districts of Berwick Street, Golden Square, and St. Anne’s.”

These Tables (sometimes referred to as Schedules) were printed in Appendix to the Report of the CSI (1855), 323-52 (appendix no. 14). However, I have yet to find a digitized copy of this report on the internet that fully depicts any of the tables. Several years ago I asked Nigel Paneth, Department of Epidemiology at Michigan State University, for help. He made arrangements to have the Department duplicate all the tables in his personal copy, for their use and mine, and gave me permission to post them on this site.

Jayne Goeddeke, Administrative Assistant in the Department of Epidemiology, managed this project. Dominque R. Jones, an undergraduate at MSU, undertook the arduous and tricky task of scanning and printing each of the tables in three parts, lining up the parts and taping them together, before re-scanning them as complete schedules. Most are single sheets of a manageable size, but some of the largest tables had to be duplicated in two parts. Jayne then proofread all tables and sent me written clarifications in the few cases where the print was fuzzy.

I scanned the paper copies as individual, high-resolution PDFs and posted them below. The thirty tables are listed alphabetically by streets with the dates (in parentheses) on which inquiries were made, followed by the page number used in the Appendix to the Report of the CSI. Please click on the page number to view that table.

Bentinck Street   (15 September)   342

Berwick Street   (15 September)   327, 328, 329, 330, 331

Bridle Lane  (13 September)  340

Broad Street  (18 and 20 September)  343, 344, 345

Cambridge Street (20 September)   346

Carnaby Street  (12 September)   326

Dufour’s Place  (22 September)      347

Great Pulteney Street (11 September)   323, 324

Kemp’s Court  (11 September)  325

Little Windmill Street   (16 September)  332, 333

Marlborough Row (11 September)  324, 325

Marshall Street  (Date of inquiry uncertain; 12 September, at the earliest)

     349a, 349b, 350a, 350b, 351a, 351b, 352a, 352b

Noel Street (15 September)  341

Pew’s Place (13 September)   340

Portland Mews (15 September)  342

Poland Street (25 September)  347, 348

Portland Street  (15 September)    341

Saint Ann’s Court  (13 September)   338, 339

Saint Ann’s Place (13 September)  339

Silver Street  (11 September)  335, 336, 337

South Row   (16 September)  333, 334

Swan Alley  (13 September)  339

Tyler’s Court – Wardour Street (11 September)   325