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John Snow's Comments at Medical Society Meetings

Items on this portion of the Web site are listed chronologically, along with a brief notation of the paper or topic under discussion. Click on the date for searchable text of the reporter's account or the society's official minutes, either of Snow's comments alone, or his comments in the context of additional discussion of a particular topic.

28 October 1837 - 3 February 1838
Westminster Medical Society (WMS): Discussion of candles containing arsenic

3 March 1838
WMS: Snow on contagion and typhus

10 November 1838
WMS: Snow on rheumatism

17 November 1838
WMS: Snow on prolapse of the walls of the vagina

24 November 1838
WMS: Golding Bird on carbonic acid poisoning

1 December 1838
WMS: Snow and Golding Bird on carbonic acid poisoning

15 December 1838
WMS: Snow on morphia, Raspail, and Magendie

22 December 1838
WMS: Snow on Dr. Reid and the glosso-pharyngeal nerve

16 March 1844
WMS: Snow on the mind of mankind

11 November 1845
Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society (RMCS): On the minute anatomy and pathology of Bright's Disease of the kidney

12 May 1846
RMCS: Snow critiques R. D. Thomson's paper, "On the relation between the constituents of the food and the systems of animals."

7 December 1846
RMCS: T. B. Curling on a "Case of fatal internal strangulation"

12 December 1846
WMS: Mr. Marshall's clinical-pathological case presentation on "strangulation of a portion of the ileum

27 January 1847
RMCS: Snow comments on a case presentation of spontaneous gangrene

10 April 1847
WMS: Snow on Dupuytren and deformity of chest in children

27 November 1847
WMS: Snow on inhalation of ether and chloroform

21 October 1848
WMS: Snow objects to a common treatment for cholera victims

4 November 1848
WMS: Snow comments on scarlet fever

14 October 1854
Medical Society of London (MSL): Snow disagrees with Mr. Headland's notion that cholera is a blood disease, spread atmospherically, etc.

28 February 1855
RMCS: Snow on Smith's paper regarding the essential seat of cholera

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