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Under Construction
When complete, < CWS > will be a Companion Web Site to Investigating Cholera in Broad Street, a documentary source book I (Peter Vinten-Johansen) am writing for Broadview Press. Access is open to any user of the John Snow Archive & Research Companion.
Supplementary Documents
The book is organized as a set of documents in five parts. This section contains transcribed material I am unable to fit in the book due to space limitations. Document numbers in < CWS > parallel those in the book.
Footnote citations in the book ending with the designation < CWS > are also listed here. Whenever possible, the download will reproduce whole pages for newspaper and journal articles. Use the automatic zoom, if necessary, to locate the cited article; for newspapers, the letter(s) that follows the page number designates the column(s) in which the article is located. Download to your own PDF reader, if you wish.
Images posted here are high-resolution PDFs. I have reduced the dimensions of large maps. In some instances, you will need the automatic zoom function to improve clarity. Images may be rotated on the server's PDF reader via the Tools function placed in the upper right corner. Download any image to your own PDF reader, if you wish.