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Investigating Cholera in Broad Street

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This Online Companion is available to any user of the John Snow Archive and Research Companion.

Supplementary Documents
This section contains additional transcribed material I was unable to include in the book due to space limitations, as well as a variety of adjunct sources. Document numbers in the Online Companion parallel those in the manuscript.

This section contains every reference cited in footnotes of the book and the Supplementary Documents. Journal and newspaper references are listed alphabetically by title first, date of issue second, followed by relevant page numbers, author's last name and the topic. Downloads from newspapers and journals usually contain entire pages. Use the automatic zoom function on the server when necessary to locate the cited article or download the file to your own PDF reader. For newspaper citations, the letter(s) that follows the page number designates the column(s) in which the article is located.

Citations missing a PDF or a URL link are under copyright. I will post them when I receive permission.

Abbreviations used in this section:

CfSI — Committee for Scientific Inquiries [within the Medical Council to the second General Board of Health].

MCC — John Snow, On the Mode of Communication of Cholera (1849).

MCC2 — John Snow, On the Mode of Communication of Cholera, 2nd edition (1855).

MCS — Metropolitan Commission of Sewers.

MPC — John Snow, "On the mode of propagation of cholera" (1851).

PMCC — John Snow, "On the pathology and mode of communication of cholera" (1849).

RCP — Royal College of Physicians.

WMS — Westminster Medical Society.

Supplementary Figures
This section contains large, high-resolution PDFs of small images in the book, as well as new images I was unable to include. Using the automatic zoom function will improve the clarity of large maps. All PDFs may be downloaded.