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John Snow's Papers and Other Formal Presentations at Medical Society Meetings

Items on this portion of the Web site include papers that Snow read, as well as formal presentations such as clinical-pathological case-notes, previews of forthcoming papers, and descriptions of apparatus. In short, this list, sorted chronologically, includes anything that Snow was recorded as saying at medical society meetings except comments he made in response to other speakers. Click on the date for searchable text.

7 December 1839
"The anasarca which follows scarlatina"

13 March 1841
"Peculiar species of deformity of the chest and spine in children"

16 October 1841
"On the resuscitation of still-born children, and on asphyxia in general"

23 October 1841
"Discussion of Snow's paper on resuscitation and asphyxia"

30 October 1841
"Continued discussion of Snow's paper on resuscitation and asphyxia, as well as Snow's extended response"

16 March 1844
"Anuerism of the aorta"

13 April 1844
"Hydrophobia and its prevention"

19 October 1844
"Fatal case of poisoning with carbonate of lead"

23 June 1846
"Case of strangulation of the ileum in an aperture in the mesentery"

7 November 1846
"Alkalescent urine, and phosphatic urinary calculi"

16 January 1847
"Snow's first published comments on inhalation of ether "

23 January 1847
"Snow demonstrates his new inhaler (Mark I)"

13 February 1847
"Observations on the vapour of ether, and its application to prevent pain in surgical operations."

20 February 1847
"Inhalation of ether."

27 February 1847
"Snow demonstrates the effect of inhaling ether on a green linnet."

3 April 1847
"Snow presents a "pocket" vaporizer."

20 November 1847
"Snow's initial remarks on chloroform, including a temperature-uptake table for chloroform"

13 October 1849
"On the pathology and mode of communication of cholera"

13 October 1849
"On the pathology and mode of communication of cholera -- LMG's account"

20 October 1849
"On the pathology and mode of communication of cholera--continuation of discussion from previous meeting"

14 December 1853
"On the modus operandi of narcotico-irritants"

4 December 1854
"Snow exhibits map and table depicting the previous cholera outbreak in Golden-square"

17 October 1857
"Outbreak of cholera at West Ham"

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