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"Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society (RMCS): On the minute anatomy and pathology of Bright's Disease of the kidney"

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(11 November 1845)

Meeting of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society on Tuesday evening, 11 November 1845.

The only item on the agenda was a paper on Bright's disease by George Johnson, M.D., of King's College, London. Comments followed by Drs. Bright himself, Copland, Snow, Budd, C. J. B. Williams, Golding Bird, and Watson, as well as Mr. Toynbee. Johnson replied at one point to a comment by Copland. All are available in the PDF.

According to the reporter, "Dr. Snow said, that he felt a difficulty in admitting that the fat which Dr. Johnson had discovered in the minute tubuli of the kidney, could, by its mechanical pressure, be the cause of the escape of albumen, and other constituents of the blood, into the urine; for in the latter stages of the disease, when the amount of fat must be greatest, the quantity of albumen was diminished, and in many cases disappeared altogether. . . ." Rest of his comment is not transcribed.

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