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"RMCS: Snow comments on a case presentation of spontaneous gangrene"

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(27 January 1847)

PDF courtesy of Google and the University of Michigan Libraries.

"Proceedings of Societies. Royal Medical & Chirurgical Society. January 27th, 1847," London Medical Gazette 39 (5 February 1847): 249-51.

Case presentation by Henry William Fuller of St. George's Hospital.

"The author related the particulars of a case of spontaneous gangrene, which fell under his observation at St. George's Hospital about the middle of last year. . . [249].

. . . .

Dr. Snow was of opinion that the disease of the kidneys was the cause of all the other mischief. . . .

Dr. Fuller had not heard before that urea had a tendency to produce coagulation of the blood. . . .

Dr. Snow replied, . . . [250].

. . . ."

See PDF for entire set of minutes from this meeting.

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