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"Snow presents a "pocket" vaporizer."

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(3 April 1847)

PDF courtesy of the Taubman Medical Library, University of Michigan.

"Medical Societies. Westminster Medical Society," Lancet 1 (10 April 1847): 388-89.

"Dr. Snow laid before the Society a small and very neat apparatus for the inhalation of ether. He said, that in consequence of remarks made by some of the members when his late paper was discussed, he had been induced to try to modify his inhaler so that it could be carried in the pocket. . . [388/389]. It was made by Mr. Ferguson . . . . Many ether inhalers were very faulty, from the deficient size of tubes and apertures, and from offering obstructions by sponges, and if used even without ether, would put a patient in danger from obstructed respiration. In saying this he did not mean to blame any one, for the subject of inhaling with the mouth and nostrils closed was perfectly new. He did not believe that ether would produce illness that would end fatally after two days; and if the fatal case or two related had really resulted from the inhalation, it must have been from deficiency of air, and not from the ether."

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