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"WMS: Snow on Dupuytren and deformity of chest in children"

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(10 April 1847)

PDF from photocopy, courtesy of the Taubmnan Medical Library, University of Michigan.

The minutes of the Westminster Medical Society for 10 April 1847 appeared in the London Medical Gazette 39 (30 April 1847): 778-79.

"Mr. Hird made some observations on a Deformity of the Chest in Children. He related one of the cases of this deformity which he had seen. It occurred in a little girl now seven years of age. He attended her at the age of six months, when she was suffering from extreme difficulty of breathing, which obliged her to let go the nipple when sucking. The tonsils were found much enlarged. . . . Baron Dupuytren, who had written on this deformity, had noticed the enlargement of the tonsils in connexion with it; . . .

"Dr. Snow said that this kind of defor-[778/779]mity had been noticed by writers in this country as well as by Dupuytren; and he (Dr. Snow) had read a paper on it to that Society several years ago. The cases which he then related depended, however, on enlargement of the abdomen; but he had at that time explained how it might be occasioned by enlargement of the tonsils, when it was so great as to impede the ingress of air to the lungs. . . ."

Remainder of minutes not transcribed.

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