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"WMS: Snow on prolapse of the walls of the vagina"

(17 November 1838)

Topics: dropsy of the womb (Dr. Reid); lumbricus teres as cause of ulceration of the ileum; hymen as a sign of virginity; bleeding; hernia of the rectum pushing the vagina through the vulva (Johnson) > case seemed more like vaginal hernia caused by small intestine (Chowne) >

"A member inquired of Dr. Johnson whether he had passed his finger into the rectum of the patient during the protrusion, as that would have been an experimentum crucis, and would have left no doubt upon the point" (350) > Johnson had not >

"Mr. Snow had once seen a case, which had occurred during labour, of prolapsus of the walls of the vagina all round, presenting at the vulva like the head of a faetus. He reduced the parts by gradual pressure" (350).]

"Westminster Medical Society." LMG 23 (1838-39): 348-49.

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