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"WMS: Snow on Dr. Reid and the glosso-pharyngeal nerve"

(22 December 1838)

Third item of the evening was a continuation of discussion of Mr. Streeter's paper on the nervous system. Dr. Hall circulated drawings to support his experiments on the facial nerve and to show that what Streeter had termed paralytic was actually spasmodic. Streeter disagreed. More back and forth.

Then, "Mr. Snow stated that Dr. J. Reid, in a paper read before the General Philosophical Association, had shewn by satisfactory experiments that the glosso-pharyngeal nerve was an excito-motory nerve, and that to it was entrusted the function of deglutition.

Mr. Streeter was surprised at that, for he thought Panizza had found the glosso-pharyngeal to be a nerve of taste."

Dr. Hall then resumed defense of his theory, made references to Haller and Müller, and agreed with Snow's report on Reid's paper.

"Westminster Medical Society." LMG 23 (1838-39): 538-40.

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