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"WMS: Snow objects to a common treatment for cholera victims"

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(21 October 1848)

PDF courtesy of Elsevier, via Emory University Libraries.

[This report of the opening meeting of the WMS for the 1848-49 session appeared in the Lancet 2 (4 November 1848): 506-08.

Snow's comments (transcribed hereafter) came during the discussion of Francis Hird's paper on "Pathology and Treatment of Cholera."]

"Dr. Snow objected to the application of warmth in cases of cholera, and founded his objection to its employment, on the fact, that in cases of asphyxia such application was injurious. [507/508] Cholera was not asphyxia, but in some points resembling it, so far as the internal congestion was concerned."

[The PDF contains the minutes, as published, in their entirety. But only the transcription of Snow's remarks are included in the data base for the Search Document function in KORA.]

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