Chapter 1 Images:

Figure 1.1Figure 1.1. Church of All Saints North Street, c. 1840 (F. Bedford, illustrator, from Booth, pl. 13).





Figure 1.2Figure 1.2. Micklegate Ward: 1– All Saints North Street Church; 2 – Possible location of Snow family residence and John Snow's birthplace; 3 – North Street postern by Wellington Row, to which the Snows moved in the early 1820s; 4 – Micklegate Bar entrance; 5 – Dodsworth School that Snow may have attended from approximately 1819 to 1827; 6 – Queen Street, where the Snows moved in 1825 (adapted from Hargrove, vol. 2, between iv and 6).


Figure 1.3Figure 1.3. Parishes and townships around York (adapted from Tillott, 312).




Figure 1.4Figure 1.4. Askam-Empson genealogy.



Figure 1.5Figure 1.5. Askam-Snow genealogy.


Figure 1.6Figure 1.6. Newcastle upon Tyne from the south, 1827 (Wright, 16).



Figure 1.7Figure 1.7. Charles Empson (courtesy of Anthony Snow; black and white reproduction supplied by David Zuck).