Chapter 16 Images:

Figure 16.1Figure 16.1. Figure 16.1. Snow's gravestone, Brompton Cemetery, Westminster, London. The base reads, "Inscription restored in 1938 by members of the Section of Anaesthetics of the Royal Society of Medicine and Anaesthetists in the United States of America. The original memorial to John Snow was destroyed by enemy action in April 1941. This replica was erected by the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland in September 1951" (photograph by Zuck).



Figure 16.2Figure 16.2. Figure 16.2. Family tree of authors who have recreated Snow's maps as published in MCC2 and the CIC Report. Four authors actually redrew Snow's original MCC2 map, and two electronically digitized them for computer analysis purposes. All maps published since 1964 are copies of these initial redrawings. The maps noted in four boxes with thick black borders were used for teaching GIS.