Snow's Works—Chronological

Publications. We have located over 100 published items attributed to John Snow: three books, one of which was posthumous; two essays, published as pamphlets; articles in medical journals, some of them in serial form and many of them re-published as pamphlets at his own expense; and letters to the editors of medical journals and newspapers. Thanks to Carol McKendry at the Buhr Shelving Facility, University of Michigan Library, for assistance in finding proper dates of publication for many titles. To date, we have transcribed and placed in searchable form most of Snow's publications, organized chronologically in a list accessible by clicking here.

Presentations. The London medical journals in Snow's day printed accounts of the doings at most medical society meetings in the capital, as well as selectively from provincial and foreign societies. Sometimes, the journals dispatched reporters to the meetings. Their accounts did not always please the membership of different societies, so increasingly the societies chose to keep their own minutes and send them to the journals that had agreed to publish them without alteration. These accounts offer insights into what Snow may have said in papers and other formal presentations which he chose not to submit for publication, as well as how Snow responded to members' comments when revising delivered papers for subsequent publication. To date, we have a few examples, organized chronologically by clicking here.

Comments. This portion of the site contains Snow's comments on papers and presentations delivered by others at medical society meetings, as reported in the medical press. To date, we have a few examples, organized chronologically by clicking here.