Online Companion
Investigating Cholera in Broad Street

Marquis Book Printing in Quebec re-opened its plants with reduced staff during this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of April 2020. Broadview Press received copies on 20 May. Therefore, both digital (in PDF format) and print copies are now available by clicking here. Distribution outside North America is handled by Eurospan Group.

This site now contains all items cited in the book, including PDFs from all sources in the public domain. Entries lacking PDFs are sources still under copyright; I will begin seeking permission to post PDFs of cited material as the epidemic eases, depending on the locations of the copyright owners.

This Online Companion is part of the John Snow Archive and Research Companion, an open access web site.

Supplementary Documents
This section contains extended transcriptions of documents (similarly numbered) that are excerpted in the book, followed by complementary material for which there was no room or which I have located since the book was written.

This section contains PDFs of pages listed in footnote citations that are in the public domain or for which we have received permission from the copyholder. Sources are listed alphabetically by author as given in the notes unless they appeared in a newspaper or journal. Such citations appear alphabetically be the name of the journal or newspaper, thereafter by date of issue.

Downloads from newspapers and journals usually contain entire pages. For newspaper citations, the letter that follows the page number designates the column in which the article is located.

Abbreviations used in the References section:

CfSI — Committee for Scientific Inquiries [within the Medical Council to the second General Board of Health].

MCC — John Snow, On the Mode of Communication of Cholera (1849).

MCC2 — John Snow, On the Mode of Communication of Cholera, 2nd edition (1855).

MCS — Metropolitan Commission of Sewers.

MPC — John Snow, "On the mode of propagation of cholera" (1851).

PMCC — John Snow, "On the pathology and mode of communication of cholera" (1849).

RCP — Royal College of Physicians.

WMS — Westminster Medical Society.

Supplementary Figures
This section contains larger, high-resolution PDFs of maps, diagrams, tables, and other figures in the public domain that appear in the book, as well as additional images that could not be included—listed chronologically by date of publication. For example, although Snow first exhibited a map of the Broad Street outbreak on 4 December 1854, it's listed on the Supplementary Figures index page as 1855:01, the date of publication in MCC2 given in sidebar citations.

Using the automatic zoom function will improve the clarity of large maps. All PDFs may be downloaded.

Diagrams that I have created (such as the Holistic Equilibrium Model of Health and Illness) or adapted from other sources (such as some Disease Theories) appear after figures that have publication dates.