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Medical Mapping

"On the mode of propagation of cholera," Medical Times 24 (13 December 1851): 610-12. Part 2. Read at the London Epidemiological Society on 3 June 1851. See p. 610, for Snow's discussion of a water-supply map from the 2nd Health of Towns Report (1845) and Grainger's map (1850) of cholera mortality in London during the 1848-49 epidemic.

Presentation: 4 December 1854. "Snow exhibits map and table depicting the previous cholera outbreak in Golden-square"
(Meeting of the Epidemiological Society.)

On the Mode of Communication of Cholera. London: Churchill, January 1855.
(January 1855 -- "Second Edition, much Enlarged." See p. viii, immediately after the ToC, for a description of the mortality map of the Golden Square outbreak (p. 45), and the map of the supply areas of the two South London Water Companies (p. 74).)

"Dr. Snow's Report," in the Report on the Cholera Outbreak in the Parish of St. James, Westminster, during the Autumn of 1854, 97-120. London: Churchill, July 1855.
(Snow dated his report, 12 December 1854, the day he submitted it to the Cholera Inquiry Committee (at their request) recently established by the Vestry of St. James, Westminster parish. This report contained the most expansive discussion of his findings whilst investigating the Golden Square outbreak, including the addition of a new feature to the map already published in MCC2.)

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