Illustrations & Maps

Image of John SnowWe gathered many illustrations and maps, and constructed various diagrams, while writing Cholera, Chloroform, and the Science of Medicine — many more than could possibly be published. This site reproduces all the figures from the book, often in a format that permits zoom magnification, similar to Fig. 1 from the Introduction below:

Chapter Images

1. York and Newcastle, 1813-1833

3. London Medical and Surgical Training, 1836-1838

4. Forging a London Career, 1838-1846

5. Ether

6. Chloroform

7. Cholera Theories: Controversy and Confusion

8. Snow's Cholera Theory

9. Professional Success

10. Cholera and Metropolitan Water Supply

11. Broad Street

12. Snow and the Mapping of Cholera Epidemics

16. Snow's Multiple Legacies


Other Images

This pending portion of the site will include photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams not published in the book. If you have illustrative items that you would like Peter Vinten–Johansen to consider adding to the site, please e-mail him at