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28 October 1837 - 3 February 1838.
Westminster Medical Society (WMS): Discussion of candles containing arsenic

10 November 1838.
WMS: Snow on rheumatism

17 November 1838.
WMS: Snow on prolapse of the walls of the vagina

24 November 1838.
WMS: Golding Bird on carbonic acid poisoning

1 December 1838.
WMS: Snow and Golding Bird on carbonic acid poisoning

15 December 1838.
WMS: Snow on morphia, Raspail, and Magendie

22 December 1838.
WMS: Snow on Dr. Reid and the glosso-pharyngeal nerve

"Action of recti muscles," London Medical Gazette 23 (12 January 1839): 559-60[ltr. to ed., 29 December 1838].

"On the bands in the recti muscles," London Medical Gazette 23 (9 February 1839): 719-20[ltr. to ed., 28 January 1839].

Presentation: 7 December 1839. "The anasarca which follows scarlatina"

Presentation: 13 March 1841. "Peculiar species of deformity of the chest and spine in children"

"Synopsis of a letter from Mr. Snow," Lancet 1 (10 April 1841): 112[ltr. to ed., April 1841].

"Uterine hæmorrhage, with retention of the placenta," London Medical Gazette 31 (11 November 1842): 224-25[ltr. to ed., 3 November 1842].

"A new kind of pessary," London Medical Gazette 32 (7 April 1843): 100[ltr. to ed.].

Presentation: 16 March 1844. "Anuerism of the aorta"

16 March 1844.
WMS: Snow on the mind of mankind

Presentation: 13 April 1844. "Hydrophobia and its prevention"

Presentation: 19 October 1844. "Fatal case of poisoning with carbonate of lead"

"Pericarditis after scarlet-fever," London Medical Gazette 35 (7 March 1845): 728-29[ltr. to ed.].

11 November 1845.
Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society (RMCS): On the minute anatomy and pathology of Bright's Disease of the kidney

"On the use of the term 'Allopathy'," Lancet 1 (21 February 1846): 229[ltr. to ed.].

12 May 1846.
RMCS: Snow critiques R. D. Thomson's paper, "On the relation between the constituents of the food and the systems of animals."

Presentation: 23 June 1846. "Case of strangulation of the ileum in an aperture in the mesentery"

Presentation: 7 November 1846. "Alkalescent urine, and phosphatic urinary calculi"

"Alkalescent urine and phosphatic calculi," London Medical Gazette 38 (20 November 1846): 877-880. Read at the Westminster Medical Society on November 6, 1846.

7 December 1846.
RMCS: T. B. Curling on a "Case of fatal internal strangulation"

12 December 1846.
WMS: Mr. Marshall's clinical-pathological case presentation on "strangulation of a portion of the ileum

"Case of strangulation of the ileum in an aperture of the mesentery," London Medical Gazette 38 (18 December 1846): 1049-52. Paper read at the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society, 23 June 1846.

27 January 1847.
RMCS: Snow comments on a case presentation of spontaneous gangrene

10 April 1847.
WMS: Snow on Dupuytren and deformity of chest in children

4 November 1848.
WMS: Snow comments on scarlet fever

"On the treatment of inflammation of the skin," Lancet (27 April 1850): 502-03[ltr. to ed., April 1850].

"The case of fissure of the sternum," Lancet 2 (7 July 1855): 17[ltr. to ed., July 1855].

"Case of purpura hæmorrhagica," Association Medical Journal 4 (3 May 1856): 364-65[ltr. to ed., April 1856].

"On the case of congenital fissure of the sternum," Medical Times and Gazette 15 (28 November 1857): 561[ltr. to ed., 21 November 1857].

"A doctor's teetotal address delivered in 1836," British Temperance Advocate (November 1888): 182. (part 2, January 1889): 20-21.

The Case Books of Dr. John Snow, 1994.

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