Online Companion
Cholera, Chloroform, and the Science of Medicine:
A Life of John Snow

Book Cover
Oxford University Press (2003)
ISBN 0-19-513544-X

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The authors have relinquished all royalties for distribution among several academic units at Michigan State University that supported the production of the book and MATRIX, the host for this companion web site.

The main purposes of this Online Companion to our published biography of Snow is to provide searchable text of the selected bibliography and digital copies of all figures from the book, as well as to make accessible various research schemas prepared for discussion and analysis during the writing process. We have also added a page describing the genesis of the book project and its unifying thesis, a page containing extracts from pre-publication reviews and a list of reviewers, and a page with current e-mail address for the team of authors.

* * *

Readers interested in references beyond those that we cited in the chapter notes (which appear in the selected bibliography), and for titles that have appeared since publication of our biography, should consult the Additional Bibliography. For scholarly essays, presentations, and commentary, please consult the section on Interpretive Studies. We have also created a page containing other Web sites that may be of interest to you.