Other Web Sites of relevance to John Snow Studies

Anesthesia History Association (USA). Conference syllabi are accessible via Abstract Archives of the navigation menu.

Association Medical Journal (1853-56). PubMed Central, National Library of Medicine.

Brief History of Florence Nightingale and Her Real Legacy, a Revolution in Public Health, by Hugh Small.

British Medical Journal (1857 -->). PubMed Central, National Library of Medicine.

Calendar of the Letters of Florence Nightingale (1977; Sue Goldie). Digitized and placed online by Hugh Small, author of The Passion of Florence Nightingale, revised edition of Avenging Angel.

Cholera Online: a modern pandemic in texts and images. U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale--"How to search Nightingale's digital archive," by Hugh Small.

General Register Office (UK): Map of the registration districts of the London metropolis (1843).

History of Anaesthesia Society (United Kingdom). Proceedings of the annual conferences are available in a drop-down menu on the home page.

Histpop--Online Historical Population Reports. Browse for census reports, annual reports of the Registrar-General, relevant Acts of Parliament, etc.

John Snow--a historical giant in epidemiology. Site hosted by the Department of Epidemiology at UCLA and managed by Ralph Frerichs.

London Journal of Medicine (1849-52). PubMed Central. National Library of Medicine.

Provincial Medical and Surgical Journal (1840-52; in its three incarnations). PubMed Central, National Library of Medicine.

Victorian Dictionary. A social history of Victorian London, created and managed by Lee Jackson.

Wood Library-Museum in Schaumburg, Illinois. At the home page, select Library > E-book Collection for a list of free downloads; or select Museum > for images such as Masks & Inhalers.