Biographical Information on John Snow

"Westminster Medical Society." Lancet 2 (1836-37): 123. [Mtg on Saturday, 8 April 1837. Dr. Epps commented on negative effects of strychnine and liquor arsenicalis.] Stephanie Snow states in her dissertation that Snow attended this meeting, his first at the Society, as Epps’ guest?

"College of Surgeons. List of Gentlemen who have received diplomas. May 1838." LMG 22 (1838): 688. ["J. Snow, York." – 7th on list containing scores of graduates; issue of 21 July.]

"Apothecaries’ Hall. List of Gentlemen who have received certificates. Thursday, October 4 [1838]." LMG 23 (1838-39): 144. ["John Snow, York." 8th on list of 10.]

["London University: Report of the Committee of the Faculty of Medicine." LMG 23 (1838-39): 169-73. Lays out expectations for various degrees in Medicine, which Snow pursued in the next decade. Snow would fall under the category, "Practitioners desirous of obtaining degrees in medicine."]

John Snow, Surgeon. 54 Frith Street, Soho. 1st listing in Robson’s London Directories, 1840. Guildhall City Directories, group 2 (1800-55), vol. 198, reel 53.

5 November 1842. Snow elected as one of 10 members of the advisory committee of the Westminster Medical Society. Lancet 1 (1842-43): 327.

"University of London." Lancet 1 (1843): 195-96. [examinations for B.M. took place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; questions in the 2nd exam on forensic medicine published here. See longer list in MT 8 (1843)].

1843. Elected Fellow of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society. First listing: "John Snow, Esq., Frith-street, Soho Square." M-CTrans 26 (1843): xxii. Then: "John Snow, M.D., Frith-street, Soho Square." Ibid., 28 (1845): xxvi.

28 October 1843. Snow re-elected to advisory council of WMS. Lancet 1 (1843-44): 163.

John Snow, Surgeon. 54 Frith Street, Soho. Thompson’s London Directories, 1844: 132. Guildhall City Directories, group 2 (1800-55), vol. 202, reel 56.

"University of London. Doctor of Medicine, 1844. First Division: John Snow, Westminster Hospital." LMG 35 (1844-45): 431-32. [issue of 27 December 1844].

April 1846. In notice of the anniversary meeting of WMS held on the previous Saturday [?? Need issue date], Snow listed as member of the committee; LMG 37 (1846): 486 [?? Check page – error in pagination of these pages].

April 1846. "Dr. J. Snow is appointed Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence in the Aldersgate-street School of Medicine," MT 14 (25 April 1846): 68.
Thereafter, Snow’s course is listed in advertisements for 1846-47 session: Lancet 2 (1846): after 282, in advertisements at end of 5 September issue), and 345. 1847-48 sessions: Lancet 2 (1847): after 292, back side of issue dated 11 September; Lancet 2 (1847): 361-62 (2 October). Introductory lecture of 1847-48 session by Dr. John Hall Davis at Aldersgate School noted that "Forensic medicine treats of a great variety of points of deep interest and importance–the proofs of poison, the causes of sudden death, the state of mind in its various bearings, the evidences of imputed guilt, the subtle means of detecting crime; it affords us the means also of performing the very grateful office of clearing the innocent from unjust accusation"; Lancet 2 (1847): 392. Very brief advertisement in 30 Sept issue of Lancet 2 (1848): after 386, that the session would commence as normal on 3 October; no listing of faculty until 7 October isssue, 412, with forensic med offered in summer but no name listed for summer session.] No listing for Aldersgate School in 1849.

1850-51. Elected member of the Pathological Society of London. Transactions 3 (1850-52): 14.

John Snow, Physician. 54 Frith Street, Soho. Watkins’ London Directories, 1852: 560. Guildhall City Directories, group 2 (1800-55), vol. 203, reel 57.

John Snow, Physician. 18 Sackville Street, Piccadilly. Watkins’ London Directories, 1853: 524. Guildhall City Directories, group 2 (1800-55), vol. 204, reel 58.

Snow, J., M.D., Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London. From list of members of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association. AMJ 3 (1855): 895.

15 March 1856. Snow becomes the President of the MSL.

1 March 1857. Elected to the Council of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. M-C Trans 40 (1856-57).

Memorials and Obituaries:

Sir Charles Locock, M.D. President’s address at annual meeting of the Royal Medical & Chirurgical Society, Tuesday 1 March 1859. Proceedings 3 (1858-61): 47-48.

"The Late Dr. Snow." Lancet 2 (1858): 76. [17 July issue; ltr. to ed. by W. Hooper Attree]

"The Late Dr. Snow." Lancet 2 (1858): 103. [24 July issue, follow-up to Attree’s ltr, suggesting a public testimony in memory of JS]

B. W. Richardson, editor, SR&JPH 4 (1858): "Notes and Correspondence."