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""John Snow, Victorian physician.""

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(1993)Chapter 16, Medicine in Northumbria. Essays on the History of Medicine in the North East of England. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Pybus Society for the History and Bibliography of Medicine, 1993

PDF from photocopy courtesy of the Newcastle upon Tyne City Libraries, via Mike Rip. This copy has a few underlinings and other notations.

This article is based on Dr. Ashcroft's Presidential address to the Newcastle upon Tyne & Northern Counties Medical Society, 1 October 1981.

Ashcroft's argument rests heavily upon Richardson's biographical memoir of Snow. For example, he prefers Richardson's account of the Broad Street pump episode to Chave's; see p. 256 and endnote #33.

Readers should also be aware that Ashcroft's use of chronology sometimes varies from what Snow himself wrote; see, for example, the manner in which he incorporates Whitehead's findings when discussing Snow's appearance before the Parish vestry on 7 September 1854.

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