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"Pharmaceutical Journal (PharmJ): Reprint of LMG notice, with comment; two surgical operations using ether; and description of an apparatus."

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The Pharmaceutical Journal
(1 January 1847): 336-38.

PDF from photocopy, courtesy of Taubman Medical Library, University of Michigan.

Transcription pending.

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[1.] Animal magnetism superseded -- discovery of a new hypnopoietic. [reprint of the LMG notice in the 18 December 1846 issue; plus an editorial comment that the sedative effects of ether have been known for some time.]

[2.] The sedative effect of ether tested in the operating theatre of the North London Hospital. [Mr. Liston's two operations on 18 December 1846. Please note: North London Hospital was the former name of University College Hospital, and was still used by some commentators.]

[3.] Apparatus for inhaling ether.

Mr. Squire has contrived an apparatus for this purpose. . . .


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