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"Lancet (L): "Correspondents. Dr Boott's important communication.""

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(26 December 1846): 704.

PDF courtesy of HathiTrust Digital Library; original from Princeton University, digitized by Google.

Medical News, Facts, Notices, and Remarks

"Dr. Bigelow, of Boston, United States, has recently read a paper before one of the medical societies on a process for procuring insensibility to pain during surgical operations. . . ." [See PDF for remainder of notice.]

[Then, near bottom of same column:]


. . . . . . .

Dr. Boott's important communication respecting Dr. Bigelow's discovery of a mode of producing insensibility during surgical operations, by the inhalation of sulphuric ether, shall be published next week.

[Whoops! Boott's letter included a copy of the journal article containing Bigelow's paper. The person making this entry had obviously not read the paper, since Bigelow makes it clear that he was simply an observer at the operation where inhalation ether was first administered.]

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