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"Medical Times (MT): "Operations without pain.""

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Medical Times
(26 December 1846): 251.

PDF from microfilm print, courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.

Miscellaneous Correspondence.

Operations without Pain.

We have been informed that two operations were performed by Mr. Liston, at University College Hospital, on Saturday last [incorrect; they were on Monday 21 December], while the patients were under the stupifying influence of vapour of ether. The one was amputation of the leg, the other evulsion of the nail of the great toe. The vapour of ether was inhaled by means of a proper apparatus, and, when it had produced its full effect, the operation was speedily performed. Neither of the patients knew, when they recovered from their stupor, that the operation had been performed. Mr. Liston observed that the vapour of ether had been used for a similar purpose in America, but only in minor operations, such as the removal of tumours, &c. We hope to have further particulars on this very interesting subject.

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