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"L: Apparatus for ether inhalation and operations without pain."

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(16 January 1847): 73-75, 77-80.

PDF courtesy of Elsevier, via the Health Sciences Library, Emory University.

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[1. Pharmaceutical Society meeting on 13 January 1847. See the Society's Transactions for Mr. Squire's paper and the secretary's minutes.]

The lecture room of the Society was crowded this evening with members of the Society and medical men, to hear a paper on Mr. Squire's instrument for the inhalation of the vapour of ether, and to see and to hear descri9ptions of other instruments for the same purpose.

[2. Editorial on etherization in surgical operations.]

[3. Mr. Hooper's ether inhaler, as designed by Boott and Robinson. Illustration and description.]

[4. Operations without pain performed at King's College Hospital (7 case reports); Guy's Hospital (2 cases) ; Westminster Hospital (2 cases); St. Thomas's Hospital (2 cases); Bristol General Hospital (2 cases).]

[5. Letter from George Edwards, in Wolverhampton, describing an amputation whilst the patient was under the influence of ether.

[6. Three case descriptions of operations on the eye, sent by F. H. Brett of Curzon-street.]

[7. Letter from Mr. Clendon describing the use of his new inhaler in half a dozen cases.]

[8. James A. Door, attorney in England representing Drs. Morton and Jackson, dismissing the Queen's Counsel's arguments against taking out a patent for "the Letheon" (ether).]

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