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"MT: Exhibition of apparatus at Pharmaceutical Society, and painless surgical operations. "

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Medical Times
(16 January 1847): 306, 310-12.

PDF digitized by Google; original at Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent. Transcription pending.

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[1. MT reporter's account of the 13 January meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society, at which apparatus were exhibited and described by Mr. Squire, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Clendon, Mr. Bell, Mr. Ward, Mr. Girdlestone, Mr. Stokes, Mr. Tracey; remarks from the audience, including Dr. Andrew Ure.

See the Society's Transactions for Mr. Squire's paper and the secretary's minutes.]

[2. Painless surgical operations described at the following hospitals: King's College, Westminster, Guy's, and St. Thomas's.]

[3. Three cases of surgery on the eye whilst the patients were under the influence of ether, performed by Dr. Brett using Mr. Robinson's apparatus.]

[4. Letter from Dr. Fairbrother in Bristol, describing an operation using Mr. Robinson's apparatus.]

[5. Letter from Dr. Searle in Bath, proposing that insensibility produced by ether inhalation is a form of induced asphyxia.]

[6. Letter from Dr. Collyer, Jersey, expanding on his claim to have proposed the use of narcotic vapors to produce unconsciousness during surgical operations as early as 1842/43.]

[7. Letter from Mr. Close about two unsuccessful attempts to administer ether during operations at the Royal Infirmary.]

[8. Two short notes from Mr. Dorr about the attempt to patent the process of ether inhalation.]

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