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"LMG: Letters and reports on administering ether vapor."

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London Medical Gazette
(22 January 1847): 166-68-172-75.

PDF from photocopy, courtesy of the Taubman Medical Library, University of Michigan. Transcription pending.

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[1. Letter from James Robinson, describing clinical signs in the patient indicative of proper ether inhalation.]

[2. Description and illustration of a new apparatus by S. J. Tracy, at Barts.]

[3. Reprint of an article in the Times of unsuccessful attempts to etherize patients at St. George's Hospital on 14 January.]

4. Reprint of an article in the Times of a successful operation using ether at the London Hospital, also on the 14th.]

[5. Report of the twelve Bostonian dentists on the early trials using ether, and the attempt by Dr. Jackson and Mr. Morton to patent the process.]

For PDF and transcription of pages 156-57, containing Snow's presentation at the Westminster Medical Society on 16 January, click here.

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