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"Extracts from Appendix (A) to the Report of the General Board of Health on the Epidemic Cholera of 1848 & 1849--"Report by Dr Sutherland.""

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(1850)Full report originally published by HMSO: London, 1850. Extracts published in the International Journal of Epidemiology 31 (October 2002): 900-07

A PDF of Free Full Text available in the archive section of the IJE website is also posted above for your convenience.

Four commentaries followed the extract. They are posted separately in the Interpretive Studies section of JSA&RC as Free Full Text PDFs the IJE website.

Stephanie J. Snow, "Sutherland, Snow, and water: the transmission of cholera in the nineteenth century" (908-11).

Stephen Halliday, "Dr. John Sutherland, Vibrio cholerae and 'predisposing causes'" (912-14).

Christopher Hamlin, "John Sutherland's Epidemiology of Constitutions" (915-19).

George Davey Smith, "Behind the Broad Street pump: epidemiology and prevention of cholera in mid-19th century Britain" (920-32).

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