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"On the writings of Sydenham"

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(16 January 1847): 60-65, ff

PDF from photocopy, courtesy of the Taubman Medical Library, University of Michigan.

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vol. 1 (16 January 1847): 60-65. No. 3. Review of Sydenham's interpretations of epidemic constitutions from 1661-79.

vol. 1 (10 April 1847): 375-78. No. 4. Review of the treatment regimens Sydenham recommended during the above epidemic constitutions.

vol. 1 (17 April 1847): 400-03. No. 4 (cont.). Review of Sydenham's recommendations for treating continued fever.

vol. 2 (7 August 1847): 152-56. No. 5. Sydenham's treatment of intermittent fevers, including use of Peruvian (cinchona) bark, and smallpox.

vol. 2 (25 December 1847): 673-77 [I apologize that 677 is missing at this time]. No. 6. Sydenham's views of cholera and dysentery, and their treatment. Keep in mind that Sydenham had confronted "cholera morbus," "an aggravated form of the 'bikious vomiting and purging' which occurs every year in this country during the latter months of cholera" (673). Hence, cholera morbus was often referred to as seasonal English cholera, sometimes as a way to distinguish it from Asiatic cholera which did not appear in England until 1831.

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