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"Asiatic cholera is non-contagious"

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Medical Times
(14 October 1848): 11-12

PDF from photocopy, courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Men who have studied Asiatic cholera "prove incontestably that it is not what we commonly understand to be a contagious malady. We have here all the analogies of an epidemic,--originating in the East, extending from one country to another, till people of almost every language have felt its power. . . .

Since 1831 we have become better acquainted with cholera, and it is found not to be half so terrible as was supposed. Instead of making its attacks suddenly, it gives warnings of its approach; instead of being contagious, it is simply an epidemic; instead of resisting the judicious application of medicine, it is amenable to treatment" (12).

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