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"Lectures on the principles and practice of physic: #73, Entozoa, etc."

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London Medical Gazette
(6 May 1842): 225-34

PDF from a Google digitization of this volume.

This lecture is a continuation of the previous lecture on Entozoa. Specific topics are: "Hydatids. Trichina spiralis. The Guinea worm. Strongulus gigas. Origin of Entozoa. Question of spontaneous generation. General sumptoms of the presence of intestinal worms. Particular symptoms, and remedies, of the common round worn, of thread-worms, of tape-worms" (225).

This lecture may be taken to represent the contemporary medical opinion that Snow had in mind when he stated in MCC (1849):9, "The ova of intestinal worms are undoubtedly introduced in this way" [accidentally swallowed].

Dr. Watson, at one point in the lecture, asks rhetorically: "Is is not presumable that the ova of these parasites were swallowed with the herbage cropped by the sheep in the damp meadow?" (231). Watson then proceeds to discuss intestinal worms in humans.

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