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"LMG: Letter from S. J. Tracy of Bart's on use of ether; painless operations on lower animals and at Lynn; dental operations at Westminster Hospital."

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London Medical Gazette
(5 February 1847): 258, 260-61.

PDF courtesy of Google and the University of Michigan Libraries.

PDF includes the following items:

1. "The use of ether vapour in surgical operations," a letter from Tracy at Bart's. It begins, "Sir,--In administering the vapour of ether to a patient in the recumbent position, it was found that the valves would not act until the patient's head was raised and the valve-piece became perpendicular. To remedy this . . . [258]."

2. "Painless operations on the lower animals." Discussion of the use of ether during operations on sheep and horse at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden Town [260-61].

3. "Painless operations at Lynn." Brief description of operations at Lynn Hospital in which Mr. Cotton administrated ether vapor, employing an apparatus that "was an imperfect modification of the tube and bladder recommended by Mr. Herapath" [261].

4. "Dental operations at the Westminster Hospital under the influence of ether." Endorsement of the procedures in use, in response to comments by Hale Thompson at the Westminster Society on 16 January.

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