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"L: Snow's first operations at St. George's Hospital; use of ether at Cheltenham, Maidstone, and Bristol; letters on ether and etherization."

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(6 February 1847): 158-164.

Apologies for the rough state of the PDF. I only had marked copies when I posted this entry [PVJ].

Operations without Pain.

1. St. George's Hospital. "There were three operations at this institution on Thursday, Jan. 28th, and the vapour of ether was administered in each case by Dr. Snow, with very satisfactory results, by means of the inhaler described and depicted in our last number. . . [158].

[Snow later published his case notes on these three operations in his monograph on ether inhalation, pp. 56-57.

2. Cheltenham General Hospital. Dr. W. Philpot Brookes describes his experiences with "the inhalation of ether" [158-59].

3. Maidstone Opthalmic Institution. Success in using the apparatus devised by Hooper and Robinson [159].

4. Bristol General Hospital. J. G. Lansdown discusses the use of ether in eight cases 159-60].

5. Operations on the teeth. Mr. T. E. Eden describes two cases [160-61].


Letters from Richard Griffin on use of ether for treating pulmonary disease [162]; Frederick T. Wintle on "narcotism by ether" [162-63]; R. H. Collyer claiming that he was the first to propose the use of ether to produce insensibility; James Allan on how to prevent coughing whilst inhaling sulphuric ether; Thomas Dudley on "the alleged discovery of the influence of sulphurous ether in 1824" [163]; and Thomas Lee on Dr. Graham's use of vapor of ether forty years ago [164].

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