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"L: Snow administers ether at St. George's Hospital, introducing a face mask of his own devising in two operations."

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(10 July 1847): 35, 49.

1. Hospital Reports. St. George's Hospital.

The operations were on 13 May (#29 for Snow at St. George's); 20 May (#30, 31, 32); 27 May (#33); 3 June (#34); 10 June (#35, 36); and 17 June (#37).

[Snow later published his case notes for these nine operations in his monograph on ether inhalation, pp. 65-68.

"The vapour of ether was administered in all these cases by Dr. Snow. In the last two operations he used a face-piece, which he has altered from that described in the last report, and introduced two swing valves into it, to supersede the spherical valves he had previously used. The expiratory valve is made to be moved gradually at will from the opening it covers, so as to admit external air and supersede the two-way tap" [35].


2. Report to the Academy of Sciences (Paris) on "the influence of ether on respiration," including results of five experiments [49].

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