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"L: Snow presents an ether uptake table; operations without pain at St. George's, St. Bartholomew's, and Charing Cross Hospitals; Tracy describes apparatus used in dental extractions. "

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(23 January 1847): 99-100, 104-07.

Snow presents an ether uptake table at the 16 January 1847 meeting of the Westminster Medical Society. Click here for PDF and transcription of minutes printed on 99-100.

The PDF available at the top of this page contains the following items on 104-07:

1. A failed attempt at etherization at St. Georges's Hospital.

2. Mixed results at Bart's.

3. A successful operation using ether at Charing Cross.

4. A letter from Samuel Tracy describing the apparatus he has used (constructed by Daniel Ferguson), with success, in seventy cases of dental extraction.

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