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"L: Discussion of ether at the Medical Society of London; Snow's paper on ether inhalation at the Westminster Medical Society; "operations without pain" at Middlesex Hospital, London Hospital, Leamington Hospital, Stockport Infirmary, and Northern Dispensary; and modification of the Herapath bladder apparatus."

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(27 February 1847): 227-28, 237-40.

PDFs courtesy of Google and the Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine (Boston, MA).

1. Discussion of cases at the Medical Society of London on 15 February, and Snow's 13 February presentation at the Westminster Medical Society are available on a separate PDF by clicking here.

2. The PDF accessible from the top of this page contains reports at various venues listed in the title above, as well as Alfred Higginson's letter about his "modification of the common bladder apparatus for the inhalation of ether" [240].

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