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""John Snow's Annus Mirabilis. Ether, consilience, and inhalation anaesthesia: the making of a medical specialty" (24 December 2013)."

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(24 December 2013)An essay commemorating the 200th anniversary of Snow's birth

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my dear friend and long-time collaborator, David Zuck, on 2 November 2016.

The essay is available as a PDF, which may be printed for those who wish to have a paper copy. The file is large (12.8 M in the 12 November 2014 version, in which some journal references were expanded to include complete dates), so it may take several minutes to download, depending on your internet connection.

The essay is an expansion and updating of the paper we prepared in 2005 for presentation at a meeting of the Anesthesia History Association (USA). The 2005 paper is still posted on this web site since it has been referenced in various papers since then.

We have removed the link to Powerpoint images that accompanied the 2005 paper since these images have been replaced by new ones, imbedded in the PDF at appropriate portions of the text.

For your convenience I (PVJ) intend to post links in this Study Detail to all references that exist on this web site, as well as any I can find on external sites. Many citations to contemporary medical journals may be found in the Ether Chronicles section of Snow's Contemporaries (JSA&RC). Clicking on the specific journal and date of issue in the citation will bring up a Study Detail that contains a subject list of contents on the PDF which may be accessed at the top of the Study Detail. For example, Robinson's letter cited in footnote #1 may be found by scrolling down to the MT issue of 2 January 1847.

The following list is still incomplete.

* * *

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