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""Charles Empson.""

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(1993)An expanded version of a talk delivered at a joint meeting of the History of Anaesthesia Society and the Section of Anaesthetics of the Royal Society of Medicine on 6 March 1993; and subsequently published in the History of Anaesthesia Society, Proceedings 12 (1993): 56-62

Posted with permission of the author.

This essay, circulated privately in typescript for two decades, was lightly edited (including updates to two references) in January 2014.

See also Zuck's article, "Snow, Empson and the Barkers of Bath," which explains the current ownership of the Empson portrait depicted on p. 12 of the PDF accessible at the top of this Study Detail.


Charles Empson's gravestone. The inscription is nearly obliterated in its present condition.


Empson's gravestone lies next to the monument re-erected in honor of his nephew, John Snow; the original Snow memorial was destroyed during a bombardment in World War II.

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