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"MT: "Painless surgical operations.""

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Medical Times
(13 February 1847): 388; 392-94.

PDF from photocopy, courtesy of the National Library of Medicine (US).

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"To Correspondents:

. . . .

"The cost of Mr. Robinson's [ether] apparatus is about two guineas; . . . ."

. . .

A Young Practitioner: The compositions for stopping decayed teeth are almost as numerous as the dentists themselves. We have found the amalgam of silver very useful. . . ." There follows a do-it-yourself recipe involving filings from a silver coin + "a small globule of mercury" (388).

King's College Hospital: Inhalation of ether administered during an operation to excise the scapula and half of the clavicle (392-93).

General Hospital and Dispensary, Cheltenham: sulphuric ether administered during operation for scirrhus of the left breast (393).

Reports of operations at other venues: Liverpool Eye and Ear Infirmary, Hereford Infirmary, and at Prescot (393).

Dr. Simpson of Edinburgh used etherization to alleviate pain during childbirth (393).

Edwin Morris on vapor of ether and neuralgia (393-94).

Reports on painless operations on "the lower animals" at the Royal Veterinary College in Camden-town.

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