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""Dr. Nooth and his apparatus. The role of carbon dioxide in medicine in the late eighteenth century.""

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(1978)British Journal of Anaesthesia 50 (1978): 393-405

PDF of the original article posted with permission of the author.

From the summary: "The two earliest inhalers devised for the administration of ether anaesthesia in the U.K. (Hooper's and Squire's apparatus) both incorporated the bottom part of a Nooth's apparatus. This, which was once a household object, is now remembered only as a footnote in one or two specialist histories, and Nooth himself, who was a most distinguished and respected medical man in his day, is almost completely forgotten. . ." (393).

On the use of Nooth's apparatus in the early days of inhalation ether in London, see Vinten-Johansen and Zuck (24 December 2013).

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