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"MT: Review of Robinson's Treatise; "To correspondents"; letters regarding "painless surgical operations.""

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Medical Times
(20 February 1847): 407-08, 410-11.


Reviews--James Robinson, A Treatise on the Inhalation of the Vapour of Ether.

To Correspondents--items of note include (1) that Robinson sent the journal a letter that he desires on royalties from anyone who chooses to copy his ether apparatus; (2) Dorr states that strangulation of patients may occur when breathing tubes are too narrow, and "that he is not unwilling to renounce his patent, on any proper acknowledgement being made to him by the public."

Painless surgical operations--report on use of ether at the General Military Hospital, Fort Pitt, Chatham; letter claiming priority in determining the specific gravity of sulphuric ether, etc.; and a method for injecting ether vapor via a long tube, per ano.

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