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"L: Robinson "on the inhalation of ether"; discussion of ether inhalation in Paris; operations without pain at St. George's, Middlesex, King's College, Chletenham General Hospitals, and the Royal Cornwall Infirmary; letter from Birmingham; and a synoptic report on etherization to date from a correspondent."

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(13 February 1847): 168-69, 176-77, 184-88.

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The PDF contains the following:

(1) James Robinson's discussion of his method for preparing ether, how he administers it, and several case description involving operations on teeth whilst patients were under the influence of ether (168-69).

(2) In the section entitled "Foreign Department," a synopsis of discussions of ether inhalation at selected Parisian learned societies and extracts of hospital case reports (176-77).

(3) The section entitled "Operations without Pain" includes case analysis of three operations at St. George's Hospital on 4 February where Snow administered ether; descriptions of operations at Middlesex Hospital performed by Mr. Arnott and Mr. Tuson; Mr. Ferguson's description of an operation at King's College Hospital; Dr. Brookes' description of another operation at Cheltenham General Hospital; and Mr. Gorringe's description of an operation at the Royal Cornwall Infirmary (184-87).

(4) Mr. Baker's description of the use of ether during an amputation of the toe (187).

(5) And an unnamed correspondent's overview of recent reports and cases involving the administration of ether during surgical operations (187-88).

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