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"Endorsement of Snow's hypothesis on the recent cholera outbreak in West Ham"

Medical Times and Gazette
(7 November 1857): 479
Medical Times and Gazette

Dr. Snow's important researches upon the recent outbreak of cholera at West Ham have strengthened his previous conclusions as to the dependence of the disease upon the water used for drinking being impregnated with fæcal impurity. The single case of death from cholera recorded in the las[t] Weekly Return of the Board of Health [Registrar-General?] is remarkably corroborative. A lad residing at Bromley, 14 years of age, was attacked on the 9th of October, and died 20 hours afterwards. The Officer of Health for the District referring to this case observes, "I ascertained from the boy's father that he walked on the 7th to Abbey-row, West Ham, the seat of an outbreak of cholera, and he drank some water from the very pump which supplies the houses of Abbey-row." The foul condition of the water of this pump has been already described.

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