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""1847--John Snow's annus mirabilis, year of consilience" (2005)."

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(7 April 2005)Keynote lecture at the 12th annual spring meeting of the Anesthesia History Association, Birmingham, Alabama.

The PDF contains the paper, minus Powerpoint slides, on which the keynote lecture was based. The paper was not presented in its entirety at the conference because of an unexpected glitch in the schedule that eventuated in PVJ having about half the time he had been promised.

This paper is superseded by an expanded and updated essay, "John Snow's Annus Mirabilis. Ether, consilience, and inhalation anaesthesia: the making of a medical specialty" (December 2013).

We will leave a PDF of the 2005 paper on the site since it has been referenced in other scholarly pieces.

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