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"Report on the Outbreak of Cholera in the Sub-districts of Berwick Street, Golden Square, and St. Anne's"

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(26 July 1855)

Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine.

The General Board of Health appointed Fraser, Hughes, and Ludlow as inspectors to investigate the August-December 1854 cholera outbreak in St. James, Westminster and St. Anne, Soho.

Their report appeared in the Appendix to the Report of the Committee for Scientific Inquiries, 138–65.

The accompanying map was attached after page 322, but it does not appear in any internet copy of the report I have found to date. A PDF is available in the CWS section of this web site.

The thirty schedules/tables the investigators prepared during their house-to-house inquiries in September 1854 were inserted as appendix 14, beginning page 323. I have posted PDFs on a companion web site.

Fraser, Hughes, and Ludlow's report was also reprinted as a separate pamphlet, which is available in the PDF located at the top of this page. The pamphlet version, however, does not include the map or the schedules/tables.

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