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"Quick Reference for Apothecary and Chemical Weights and Measures"

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(1 October 2009)(2009)

If you share my inability to commit to memory the Apothecary symbols, quantities, equivalents, etc., you may find this Quick Reference helpful when you encounter them on the web site.

You may also find a symbol in the transcribed files either confusing or a bit off the mark. If so, it's because everything in the content field in KORA must be Unicode (UTF-8) compliant. The available symbols are limited. Some vary slightly from the proper symbol; for example, the symbol used for minim (ɱ) should swing to the right, but it's the closest we could find. I say "we" since David Zuck reviewed every draft and located some symbols that appear in the PDF image of the Quick Reference, but which cannot be inserted into KORA. To avoid misleading anyone, I often define the symbol used within square brackets.

I have begun the process of placing links to the Quick Reference within individual files that contain Apothecary symbols.

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